Friday, July 22, 2011

Mary Kate & Ashley: StyleMint

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have launched a members only t-shirt boutique called StyleMint. You fill out a StyleProfile, and then every month you get recommendations for new shirts based on your personal preferences. Every shirt is only 29.99 (and shipping is free!), which is a steal compared to The Row and Elizabeth & James. What a great way to update your wardrobe monthly, with a chic new T! Join StyleMint now!

photo and info from StyleMint
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  1. Um...awesome! I wonder what the shirts will be like?

  2. Free shipping - bonus!!

  3. I'm just wary, because I've been having terrible luck with JewelMint lately the sister site to stylemint.

  4. Very cool! Those girls have amazing taste!

  5. Creative idea! These girls are so smart with their business! ~Val


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