Wednesday, August 24, 2011


As promised, I bring you vacation photos!

pit stop for lunch

we had a huge storm on friday afternoon, you can see it moving in here

greg watching the storm

a piece of hail that fell on our dock

our house and a bit of a self portrait
Looking through the photos again makes me wish I was still there!
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  1. Beautiful pictures, and what great memories you'll have!


  2. Your photos are gorgeous! Looks like you guys had such a good and Relaxing time!

  3. Looks an amazing place & that storm looked fierce xoxo

  4. Looks beautiful - I have always wanted to vacation there!
    Much love,

  5. I want to go to there!! I've been talking about Maine a lot lately, as many of my friends actually want to go there of all the places in the country. I went when I was 6, got terribly sick and don't remember any of the good parts because of it. I need to go back!

  6. Hahaha.. I posted a similar picture taken in the side mirror when we got back from vacation. passenger seat = camera playtime!

  7. looks beautifull and so quiet there. Would love to visit Maine one day.

  8. I just love Maine! I grew up in Vermont but it took me until I was an adult to finally visit and now I'm dying to go back. It's so beautiful.


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