Thursday, August 25, 2011

OPI to release Muppets inspired collection

I cannot wait for November! OPI just announced that they will be releasing a color collection inspired by the Muppets for their holiday collection and just in time for the movie's release on November 23 (can't wait to see it!) I am loving this collection, there are so many glitters and fun colors!

Take a look:

Animal-istic Better!

Divine Swine

Excuse Moi!

Fresh Frog of Bel Air

Gettin' Miss Piggy With It

Gone Gonzo!


Pepe's Purple Passion

Rainbow Connection

Warm and Fozzie

Wocka Wocka

Who's your favorite muppet, and what's your favorite color from this collection? Pin It


  1. How fun is that? I think my favorite is Rainbow Connection. As for characters, I'm a purist. I love me some Kermit.

  2. wow!! great discovery!! loved it!!

  3. My favorite muppet is Kermit :-D. And the color I would go for will have to be passion purple, purple is my fav color!

  4. I LOVE THIS! :) Divine Swine, lol. I'm digging Warm and Fozzie (actually, I like all of them).

  5. OMG Seriously?!?! This is amazing! I was just listneing to the Muppets "Green Album" this morning with a coworker. A bunch of big name bands covered all of the Muppet Classics. Brilliant!
    I love the Wocka Wocka - but Gone Gonzo is a close second :) ~Megan

  6. I really like meep meep meep! I loved the muppets as a kid, love Ralph because he played the piano, and of course kermit and miss piggy :)

  7. The colours are fab but it's the names that are the best!!! Happy weekend Mal xoxo

  8. How wonderful! I can't wait to get a mani/pedi with these colors and wish they were being released earlier. Stay safe this weekend!


  9. I LOVE these!!! Especially Rainbow Connection..thanks for posting! ;)

  10. This just made my day!!!! I am so obsessed with The Muppets! I just got the new "Green Album" where a bunch of new artists cover the Muppets' songs. Have you listened to it? I highly recommend it!



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