Monday, October 10, 2011

Cranberry Harvest Celebration

The Cranberry Harvest Celebration yesterday was awesome. We went with my brother in law Dan and his girlfriend Liz and spent the day enjoying great food, cranberries and beautiful weather (though a bit warm for October, in my opinion!).

deep fried oreos

deep fried reese's

deep fried snickers

cranberry cider donuts

ocean spray booth with a mini bog, giant bottle and lots of delicious juice samples

harpoon cranberry ale

liz and i made our own mini bogs

harvesting the cranberries

frog on a bog


fresh cranberries

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  1. mal! oh my gosh ~ those fried treats look and sound amazing!! deep fried oreos ~ wow. and i could really go for the cranberry cider donut right about now!!! what a perfect fall time activity!!
    xoxo ~ kristina

  2. Wow..I so want to try one of those deep fried oreos. So glad that you had a fantastic day, sweetie. Kisses

  3. What a fun event! I will pass on the fried food, my stomach would kill me!

  4. Wow looks like lots of fun. Fried food kills my stomach but everything looks so good. I have never seen a cranberry bog before thats so neat!


  5. wow, I've never seen a bog of cranberries before! They are beautiful - artistic even. The contrast of the berries on the water. Thanks for sharing :) Looks like it was a fun weekend!

  6. oh my goodness!! I want all of this food!!! What a great festival to try all of these yummies!!

  7. This looks like so much fun! I went to the Dixie Classic Fair in my hometown this past weekend and had a deep fried oreo and snickers, too!! They were out of the deep fried Reeses and I REALLY wanted to try one! How was it? P.S. I'm your newest follower!

  8. This would be a like a dream come true for me. Plus, I really need to try more deep fried foods!


  9. I've heard so much about these events especially with the deep fried foods. I'd love to go to one one day! :)

  10. Oh wow, this looks like such a good time. Plus, I will eat deep fried anything (I blame it on my Southern roots). I have never seen a real cranberry bog before (outside of an Ocean Spray commercial).


  11. OMG that all looks so fattening and delicious!!!

    Happy Tuesday,

  12. Deep Fried Reeses? OMG that sounds amazing! Sounds like you had a blast =)

    ♥ Shia


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