Thursday, November 10, 2011

Black rhinos moved to new home

I saw this amazing video on the news this morning and couldn't not share it with you all!

"A group of 19 critically endangered black rhinos have been moved from South Africa's Eastern Cape to a new range in the Limpopo province to encourage increased breeding and population growth.  The location is the seventh new habitat established by the WWF's Black Rhino Range Expansion Project."  

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  1. Amazing! I saw Black Rhino's when I went on safari - truly beautiful xoxo

  2. How amazing is that?! I would give anything to be apart of such a fabulous movement. Dang, now I'm all fleklempt.

  3. this is amazing... i love that they are doing their best to keep them safe!

  4. hi mal! wow ~ this is truly amazing ~ and it's just so wonderful that these people are really doing so much to help these endangered animals ~ god bless them! {p.s. and it's amazing how they transport the rhinos!!} ;) ;)
    xx ~ k

  5. Endangered species always make me rethink of what I am doing...god bless them.

  6. wow! what a great video! bless their little hearts!


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