Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Gift Guide Part 3: For Anyone

We're officially one week out from Valentine's Day!

My Lip Stuff is homemade, all natural and vegan lip balm. There are 600+ different scents that it is available in, and every holiday Brea (the creator) comes up with fabulous themed scents and cute labels for her lip balms like Cuddlebug (marshmallow) and Main Squeeze (orange buttercream). They all smell seriously good! $3 each

Starbucks has a great assortment of seasonal drinkware, this winter they have this fantastic 12 ounce tumbler that shows a row of red hearts when filled with a hot beverage. $9.95

A Lovely Love Story is a tiny book about two dinosaurs who fall in love. I first heard it as a reading at a friend's wedding, it's such a sweet story and would make an adorable Valentine.$9.99

Shawnimals' handmade plush Pocket Huggy is the perfect little guy to give to the one you love. His arms are forever outstretched to hug you, and there's a cute little red heart on his back. $12

And let's not forget the sweets! Graeter's is luscious and super creamy ice cream made by their own traditional French Pot process. The best part about this wonderful Cincinnati native ice cream is that they are available to ship! Don't miss out on the Black Raspberry Chip or the Mint Chocolate Chip! Truly amazing ice cream.$60+ (depending on how many pints you're ordering and where they're being shipped to)

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  1. Cuddlebug sounds so awesome, I love marshmallow. Great gift ideas Mal.

  2. The Lip Suff sounds like a great idea, and everyone would love to get graeters! I'm pretty sure I'll be eating it alone in my room on Valentines Day :)

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com


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