Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cliche Free Valentine's Day at

Fab is an awesome sample sale site that has some really different offerings. Lots of different housewares, jewelry and kitchen items. They are currently hosting a "Guide to a Cliche Free V-day" pop up shop full of awesome out of the ordinary gifts for your Valentine.

Here are some of my favorites:

puregoodies box of toffee with flavors like maple bacon espresso and white ginger lime  $17

rough diamond necklace $122.50

heart print $18

simple t-shirt $11.25

mixtape pendant $68

bow tie mug $18

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  1. This stuff is so cute! I'm a big fan of toffee so that looks delicious, and the gray tee is nice. I like idea of non-cliche valentines items, very cool!

  2. Love the diamond necklace and bow tie mugs...gr8 stuff..thanks for sharing...came across your blog while blog hopping...I've been called a geeky chick have a gr8 blog here.. love it! am following it now...

  3. Love these! Especially the mixed tape pendant! And I think my husband would be crazy about the bow-tie mugs!

  4. OH man! I gotta chk this out :) Mixed tape charm??? LOVE IT!

  5. Such lovely ideas for Valentine's Day. Simple yet lovely.


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