Thursday, January 12, 2012


Have you all been following Cupcakegate? I caught wind of it through the bon appetit blog, and have found several articles about the TSA banning someone's cupcake in a jar that they wanted to bring on the plane with them. It's been really funny/interesting to follow the chain of events about it.

The main reason is was taken away from the passenger was due to the amount of icing (categorized as a gel by the TSA) that falls under the 'liquid' categorization and didn't adhere to 3-1-1 standards. The odd thing is that these cupcakes cleared on one leg of the trip (from my home airport of Boston Logan), but not the other.

cupcake comparison photo via

I know I would be totally bummed to lose out on one of these beauties. I have to say that I love this cupcake in a jar concept, it looks absurdly delicious and the packaging couldn't be sweeter (I'm a sucker for a mason jar). I'm psyched to know that these are produced right here in Massachusetts at Wicked Good Cupcakes, which I will have to try out very soon. Maybe a 3.4 ounce jarred cupcake is in order for travels? They could name it 'Cupcakegate'!

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  1. MMMM. Cupcakes! I really can't believe they would be confiscated by TSA. Wait, yes I can.

  2. How interesting and incredible. Btw:I love cupcakes so much! Yum...Muah

  3. Hehe. I am on Bona Petit Blog now. It's nice and delicious.

  4. LOVE the sound of cupcake in a jar! awesome!

  5. Hahahaha...I didn't hear about this! That is hilarious!! :)


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