Monday, February 6, 2012

Flower Decoder

Happy Monday everyone! I can't believe how quickly weekends go by. Boston is kind of glum this morning after the Patriots loss last night, what did you all think of the Superbowl/Halftime Show/Commercials?

I managed to do some damage online at in the wee hours of Sunday morning and ordered basically everything I was lusting after and part of my order has already shipped! I hope Target comes through with this designer collaboration (still lamenting the absence of some Missoni items in my home). Did you get anything from the line, did you brave the stores? I want to hear all the stories!

Valentine's Day is next week, and there is heavy advertising for flower shops all over. Rue La La (an awesome sample sale site, if you're not a member yet, click here to join) has put together an awesome guide on their blog just in time for Valentine's Day about the message your flowers are sending to the recipient. I didn't realize some flowers had so much underlying meaning!

My absolute favorite flower is a red rose. I also love daffodils, I think they're just so happy looking! Do you have a favorite flower?


For: The Girl Next Door
Pluck this: White Daisy
What it says: “I think you’re innocent, loyal, and pure. And I could definitely bring you home to Mom and Dad.”
For: The Pal
Pluck this: Yellow Gerbera Daisy or Yellow Rose
What it says: “You’re fun to be around, but we are Just, with a capital J, friends.”
For: The Crush
Pluck this: Stargazer Lily
What it says: “Get a chance to get to know me, and you’ll see…”
For: The Flirt
Pluck this: Pink Rose
What it says: “You’re sweet, but I can see your games.”
For: The Siren
Pluck this: Red Tulip
What it says: “You’re completely irresistible.”
For: The Romantic
Pluck this: White Hydrangea
What it says: “You’re devoted, and so am I.”
For: The Soulmate
Pluck this: Purple Iris
What it says: “With these three petals, symbolizing faith, wisdom, and valor, I’m here for you forever.”
For: The True Love
Pluck this: Red Rose
What it says: “I’m serious about you (and us).”


For: The Guy’s Guy
Pluck this: Fuji Mum or Blue Orchid
What it says: “You’re lively, fun, and easy to be around.”
For: The Party Boy
Pluck this: Orange Gerbera Daisy
What it says: “I like to have a good time – and you’re the first one I call to start the party!”
For: The Bad Boy
Pluck this: Orange Lily
What it says: “I’m not sure where this is going, but you have my attention.”
For: The Strong, Silent Type
Pluck this: Ginger
What it says: “You’re individualistic and strong, and I just can’t get enough.”
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  1. Sorry to hear about the big loss but I really do love the flowers advice! Great post as always Chic!

  2. This is a great guide to gifting flowers. can't wait to see what you got from the j.wu collection.

  3. rly nice :3

  4. Oh my gosh I am LOVING post very informative and helpful! xo


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