Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Gift Guide Part 2: For Him

Old Navy is a great source for seasonally themed boxers for your favorite dude. Indulge him in these heart patterned boxers $8.50

Most guys wouldn't get too excited about getting a bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day. But what if it's a bouquet of video game inspired 8-bit flowers? They don't need watering or care, and will be enjoyed by any geek! $14.99

Let's be honest, it's really not Valentine's Day without some chocolate. This year, get something a little different like one of these giant chocolate dipped fortune cookies with are handmade to order in New Hampshire (you can choose the type of chocolate you'd like and then add all sorts of different toppings). You can even write your own fortune to go inside! $19.95

Tell him that he's hot stuff with a subscription to the hot sauce of the month club. Each month he'll get two different bottles of fiery hot sauce. $56.85-$207.40 (depending on how many months)

This Jack Spade dough money clip is classy but still has a sense of humor, other varieties available: bacon or bones $65

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  1. those boxers are too cute!

    xoxo navy & orange

  2. You have some fantastic ideas. I love the 8 bit flowers! You find some way cool stuff.


  3. oooh, i love those heart shorts! I'd wear those haha

  4. I like the boxers. It would be really nice as a gift.

  5. I actually bought my "dude" a pair of heart boxers for V-Day! Hope he loves them!!! :)


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