Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Crumbs Cupcakes Open in Boston

On Monday the newest location of Crumbs Cupcakes opened within walking distance of my office. I have been enamored of these cupcakes for such a long time now, ever since Maxine started bringing them with her from NYC whenever she would visit. Now I have them available whenever I need (want) them! Dangerously delicious.

So I went on Monday after work to pick up some cupcakes, and the shop was completely empty of sweets, it was so sad. I chatted a bit with the girl who was at the counter delivering the bad news to everyone (she seemed so genuinely sad to have to tell everyone there were no cupcakes left) and then headed out, determined that Tuesday would be my day. Yesterday I went before work and was greeted by full cases and free coffee (delicious hazelnut roast) and picked up two delicious cupcakes for our dessert last night:

The Squiggle, my all time favorite from Crumbs, same concept as a Hostess cupcake, but times a million

Boston Cream, this one was new to me, delicious but could have used more custard in the middle
(though more custard tends to be my stance on many desserts)

A cupcake box built for two
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  1. hey mal! mmmm, these bad boys look amazing!! especially that first one that looks like a hostess!!

  2. To me this looks like possibly the most delicious cupcake I have ever seen. Just looking at it is making me hungry right now haha!

  3. Oooo, this looks divine. Thanks for sharing, hun. xo

  4. i always heard of that place, and everyone said it was delicious! youre so lucky!

  5. What cute cupcakes. The squiggle one or Hostess takes me right back to my childhood! No Crumbs in San Diego but we do have Sprinkles nearby.
    - Liz @

  6. I love cupcakes! Those look delicious!

  7. Crumbs is where I go when I'm sad and want to be fat!!!!

    xx Julie xx


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