Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Purple Heart Recipient Reunited with Dog

This was on Good Morning America today, and as I love a good dog story, I needed to share.

Corporal Megan Leavey, a purple heart recipient has recently been reunited with Sargent Rex, her bomb sniffing dog. Rex had lost his sense of smell and was taken off duty and was in danger of being put down when Leavey intervened. She petitioned to adopt the pup and was successful with a little help from Senator Chuck Schumer.

Here are the happy pair, how cute is that dog?:

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  1. This is such a heart warming story, reading it has helped make my day.

  2. Such a sweet story!! i bet they will have wonderful time together!
    in dramatic fashion

  3. Such a touching story ~ thanks for sharing!

    ♥ Shia

  4. Awwww, I love a happy animal story too!

    I just wanted to come by and say thank you for always leaving such nice comments on my blog. Your email isn't attached to your profile and I wasn't sure if you check back for replies within the comment section. I wanted to make sure you know I read and appreciate every time you pop in.

    Oh, and by the way, those peanut butter cornflake treats ARE dangerous!!! I ate the last three for breakfast this morning and was just thinking I seriously need to make another batch! :o)

    Thanks again!

    Mindy @ Rindy Mae

  5. Oh goodness! I'm a sucker for pups! I'm glad Red was adopted! It warms my heart!

  6. 'm so glad that I accidentally stumbled across your blog. Beautiful photos, beautiful blog, beautiful YOU. i love cupcakes and i love crumbs. i miss la. xO


    follow me! https://twitter.com/#!/thehautecookie

  7. I wish they would put all the retired military working dogs up for adoption. I'm sure if people knew that these animals were our veterans, they'd totally be willing to give them happy homes.


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