Friday, March 23, 2012

What's on my nails: China Glaze Capitol Colours Collection in Smoke & Ashes

Happy Friday everyone! What do you all have planned for the weekend ahead?

We are going to see The Hunger Games tonight and I am so excited for it! Have any of you seen it already?

In honor of the film's release, I am wearing another shade from the China Glaze Capitol Colours Collection (of course!). Today's color is Smoke & Ashes (originally called 'Fight to the Finish'), named for District 12, the mining district. It's a really hard color to describe (and photograph well), but I am loving it. It has a rich black base with these great tiny flecks of green and blue.

Have a lovely weekend, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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  1. Have a great time at Hunger Games Mal, love your nails in this photo too.

  2. So jealous you are seeing Hunger Games tonight...let me know how it is!!

    Check out my blog on Saturday...I gave you a blog award...YAY!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    ♥ Shia

  3. oooh Shia, thank you, I'll definitely check in tomorrow! I'm so excited :-)

  4. Read the book, but am not planning to see it any time soon - I don't like the crowds. I saw that black nail polish is in again! Lovely manicure u got there!

  5. I haven't seen it yet, but am going to watch it this weekend. Beautiful nail polish!
    Please feel free to enter my giveaway!

  6. really want to see this movie too and i love your nails! china glaze has some great colors!

  7. I have Smoke and Ashes too, and it's so hard to photograph!

  8. I've not read the books nor have I seen the movie but definitely heard a lot about it this wknd!

  9. great color! i love the name of you blog :)

    xo's, vanessa


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