Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ben & Jerry's Free Ice Cream Truck Tour

Are you currently experiencing a heatwave wherever you are? Here in Boston it was 90 degrees yesterday, and 80 degrees today. I broke out sun dresses, sandals, and started thinking about summer plans and icy treats.

Ben and Jerry's will be on both coasts this summer with their ice cream truck giving away free ice cream! I cannot wait until they hit Boston in August (last year they were right near my office twice, it was heavenly). And if you're on one coast or the other (evidently not in between) hopefully you'll be able to enjoy some free ice cream too.

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  1. Congratulations on the good temperatures Mal, that sounds awesome, I love Ben and Jerry's ice cream over here so much even if we don't get free ice cream days.

  2. Sadly, those ice cream trucks don't make it to Alaska...and I think we eat the most ice cream per capita in the US.

  3. Bummer - they don't come to San Diego!
    Liz - Virtually Homemade

  4. 90 degrees in Boston?!!! Already?! Thank goodness for ice cream trucks! Hope they can get to you before August!
    I'll be looking out for them out here in Sacramento! :)


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