Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Fun: Rainbow Queen

Vogue studied the outfits worn by Queen Elizabeth II over the past year and put together this amazing chart of the Queen in a rainbow of colors, dissecting the percentages for each hue. Blue is the reigning color in her wardrobe, being worn 29% of the time.

Isn't this fabulous:

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Do you all have anything fun and exciting planned?

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  1. This chart of outfits is amazing, I love Queen Elizabeth, for an old lady she had a lot of style. Have a great weekend as well Mal.

  2. I love the Queen and that chart is fabulous! xo

  3. i think black and blue would be on my all time high list as well!

  4. um, i totally pinned this and stared at it for a loonnng time when i did. i love queenie, i love vogue, and i love anything that combines the two. :)

  5. This poster is awesome and I have to say, she really rocks neon well for a queen!

  6. This is so awesome!! It's just my personal opinion...but I think she should wear pink! She looks fabulous in it! :)


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