Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Blue Ear

In Salem, Massachusetts, a little boy just became a superhero. This news story warmed my heart and brought such a smile to my face.

"Christina D'Allesandro said her son Anthony Smith cannot hear out of his right ear and has hearing loss in his left ear. She said Anthony woke up one day and decided that he did not want to wear his blue hearing aid.

"Basically, one day he woke up and I said, 'OK, time to put in your hearing aid,' and said, 'Let's put in blue ear.' We've always called it that. And he said, 'No, superheroes don't wear blue ears,'" D'Allesandro said.

D'Allesandro assured her son that superheroes did wear hearing aids. She said she wanted to make sure, so she emailed the experts at Marvel Comics in New York City.

Marvel sent back a comic book cover featuring Hawkeye, a superhero who lost his hearing. D'Allesandro said her son was captivated by the image.

Marvel then sent a drawing of a new superhero inspired by Anthony: Blue Ear. Another sketch arrived portraying Hawkeye and Blue Ear together."

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  1. This is bloody amazing of Marvel to do this for the boy, Hawkeye's one of my favourite super heroes too so I like this even more due to that.

  2. Wow! This is an amazing story! Brings tears to my eyes and makes me feel warm inside!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing this! :)

  3. Aw, I love people. :) We can be so good to each other sometimes, yeah?

  4. I like the fact that a tag on this is heartwarming. Cause that's exactly what this is!


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