Friday, May 4, 2012

Have a fun weekend!

Happy Friday! Did this week feel as long for all of you as it did for me? Work was so busy and non-stop, I didn't think the weekend would ever come!

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, the best nerd 'holiday' there is! It's a day when participating comic shops give away comics. If you have any sort of interest in comic books (love them, want to read them, mildly interested, haven't picked one up since you were a kid...) you should stop by a shop near you and pick some up! A lot of shops do other specials and sales that day too to make it into a bit of a party. It's always a lot of fun.

In other geek news, The Avengers is out in theatres (and we already have our tickets), I'm so excited to see it!

What are you all doing this weekend?

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  1. I've got a real love for classic comic books Mal so this post makes me really wish I lived in America haha, the Avengers is an awesome film as well, here's hoping you enjoy it, I have a great feeling you will though!


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