Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Julia Child Round-up


All over the country people are celebrating Julia's 100th birthday; the internet feels like a giant birthday party for Julia Child. Here's a round-up of some great tributes around the web:

A blog hop featuring Julia's recipes
Find out which Julia you are with a quiz from PBS
Learn more about her life with one of these books
Read a tribute to Julia from the White House's executive pastry chef
Add a peg board to your kitchen
Visit Julia's Kitchen online at the Smithsonian, and a celebration at the museum
Architectural Digest visits Julia and Paul's home in Cambridge
Celebrate with an all day twitter party tomorrow
Donate to the Julia Child Foundation
Here's a sneak peek of tomorrow's Google Doodle
Epicurious is holding a contest to create Julia's birthday cake

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  1. Here's hoping that tomorrow's Julia Day is a good one, she's such a legend and I know that she really is missed.

  2. I took a cooking class this past weekend in honor of Ms. Child. :) It was fabulous, and I EVEN learned how to bake a pie (gasp).

    1. What a fantastic way to honor her! What kind of pie did you make?

  3. I loved her marriage...they were so in love

  4. What a fun roundup! Need to check out some of these links!

  5. I love this and I am just about to check out all your links:) Thanks, sweetie and have a great day. xoxo


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