Thursday, August 9, 2012

Photos of Julia

The Harvard Coop has a wonderful collection of photos taken by Paul Child of his wife, Julia. They are really fantastic candids of Julia in her daily life and behind the scenes at The French Chef. The prices for prints start at just $15 (or $13.50 if you're a Harvard Coop member), and would be such a wonderful addition to a kitchen.

You can view the full collection and place your order here, these are a few of my favorites (it was almost impossible to choose just a few to share because I find them all so incredibly charming):

at the Cordon Bleu in 1950

kneading dough in 1952

in Alsace in 1955

making a cheese soufflé in 1965

behind the scenes of The French Chef in 1963

on set

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  1. I love all of these, Julia Child was such a culinary talent, it's great that she's left behind such a legacy that we still honour and celebrate to this day.

  2. These photos are great! I love Julia. Last year when I visited Wash DC I got to visit her kitchen at the Smithsonian! Really fun. :)

    I'm having a fun little Giveaway. Come check it out!


  3. julia child grew up not too far from where i live now in pasadena. and the local huntington garden has a special collection to honor her 100th bday

  4. These are great photos and if I ever get to go back to the Smithsonian, I would love to see her kitchen. I really love that movie, Julie and Julia :)

  5. hey, mal! how are you? long time no visit. hope all's well!

    julia truly is an icon, isn't she? these are great pics.

    hope you're having an amazing summer.


  6. Love how she's kneading dough in her bra! :)

  7. I loved these. It would be so cool to have one hanging in my kitchen.



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