Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Fun: Lego Haunted House Set

This year, Lego released their first ever official haunted house. Being a geek, halloween enthusiast, and 10 year old in a 28 year-old body, I was pretty jazzed when I heard the news. I quickly ordered the set, and instagram'd my progress while I assembled it over the course of a few days. The final product is just as awesome as I hoped it would be.




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  1. I love Lego and think that this set looks so awesome! Great job assembling it too Mal, it's so cool that even at 28 you still enjoy Lego!

  2. That's an awesome lego set!

    Nice job putting it together!

  3. That is very cool! I could definitely see my boyfriend and I doing something like this!

  4. Holy cow!! That must have taken a lot of time and patience! Looks totally awesome!

  5. Oh my goodness how cool are they!?? Love Halloween! :D


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