Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Housewares at Fab

Fab has yet another wonderful holiday themed pop-up shop, this time for Halloween filled with completely unique items. I am especially loving the spooky housewares. There are so many amazing things that I want, it's all so tempting.

bleeding pillar candles $13-$17

bat mugs $10

potion pitcher $16

candy corn chip & dip $15

cauldron measuring cups $12

haunted house cookie kit $14

pumpkin welcome mat $10

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  1. That candy corn chips & dip tray is so cute! These are definitely some fun finds.

  2. I love Fab, but haven't checked out their Halloween shop yet. Those bat mugs are adorable!


  3. The haunted house cookie kit sounds and looks delicious, I love those build your own cookie sets. These are all great though, I love all of these items and would love them for myself this Halloween!

  4. I love it all! I cannot wait until Halloween! :D


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