Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mad Men for Banana Republic

Banana Republic has launched another line inspired by Mad Men. This one is very mod and looks like it was taken straight from Megan Draper's closet. It features great colors and bold, graphic prints, a very different look compared to the previous two Mad Men lines.

Mad Men starts back up on April 7 with a two hour premiere, I cannot wait!

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  1. I can definitely see the Mad Men influences leaking from these outfits and for that reason I love the range, the way they dress in Mad Men is amazing, I wish some designer would make a clothing range of the clothes that the men too, Donald Draper is such a sharp dresser.

    1. They have lots of men's things too!,6169295,3&clink=6169295#slideName=look1

  2. I love love love Mad Men! This line is super-cute!!


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