Monday, March 4, 2013

Portraiture a la Renaissance Paintings

Bill Gekas, like any good dad who's a photographer, takes lot of pictures of his daughter. These portraits have a bit of a twist as their style is inspired by Renaissance paintings, and he really nails the palette, lighting, and overall emotion of the paintings in these photos. See all of the portraits here.

Bill Gekas Photography: The Gallery &emdash; Athena Ballerina

Bill Gekas Photography: The Gallery &emdash; The merchant's daughter

Bill Gekas Photography: The Gallery &emdash; The Letter

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  1. These are striking and absolutely amazing, I'm in awe right now at all of these, they're absolutely brilliant!

  2. These are beautiful! My favorite is the 1st - the shock of pink against the dreary room. My father also is a photographer by hobby. Growing up, we always hated how he'd make us stop to take a photo, or pose in a way we thought was silly or dorky. Now, we are so grateful that he did take those pictures... Dads know best ;)


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