Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How Arnold Palmers Arnold Palmer

The Arnold Palmer (aka the 'half and half') is one of my favorite drinks; half iced tea, and half lemonade. So refreshing, and not overly sweet (and the grown-up version, the "Arnold Pummeler" with sweet tea vodka and lemonade is pretty darn good too). But how does golfing legend Arnold Palmer order his namesake drink? Steve Politi finds out:

"[Politi] chased Kelsey, the waitress serving Arnold Palmer yesterday, back to the bar where she was putting in another drink order.

“How did Arnie order his drink?”

“He leaned over and said, ‘I’ll have a Mr. Palmer.’ Then he winked,” Kesley said."

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  1. Wait, there is a "grown up" version? You just blew my mind. This is one of my favorite drinks. I especially love getting them from Starbucks in the summer.

  2. I've never tried an Arnold Palmer before but it sounds absolutely amazing and I'm going to tell my mum to try it when she goes over to America on holiday next week, it's the kind of thing that she would love!


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