Monday, April 22, 2013


After a really emotional and difficult week in Boston, we all found some solace in the capture of the second suspect in the Marathon bombing. This weekend was filled with beautiful spring weather, and Greg and I went downtown to see how things look; there were little memorials set up at all different parts of the end of the marathon route, and a huge one at the end of where all the barricades currently are filled with flowers and notes of hope and strength.

Medal & Flowers 


Empty Boylston Street 

Boston Strong 


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  1. Aw Mal I had no idea that you lived in Boston, or if I did then I had forgotten. Thank goodness that other scumbag involved in the bombing was caught alive, Boston deserves answers, it deserves to know why this tragedy happened, for reasons and closure. These tributes are like you say incredibly touching, I feel so bad knowing such a terrible thing happened.


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