Tuesday, June 18, 2013


New Yorker 4th grader Zachary is a young film maker. The public school student has created a documentary centered around school lunch called Yuck. Over the course of six months, Zachary smuggled a video camera in to school every day to document what he was being served for lunch, and how greatly it differed from the descriptions from the menu provided by the school. I'm hoping it comes to some theatres around the Boston area or goes up online in its entirety, because I would love to see it. The current scheduled screenings can be found here.


Did you buy school lunch or were you a brown-bagger? I mostly brought my lunch from home, but there were certain school meals that I liked to buy for, like French bread pizza day. Did you have a favorite school lunch?

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  1. This is actually brilliant, it just goes to show that some schools serve absolutely horrible food, sounds disgusting!


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